Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pregnancy and Baby Boy

This post has been in draft mode for way too long...

After 7 plus years of marriage we finally decided it was time to start having little ones.  We both reached a somewhat comfortable state with the idea of having kids, and we figured we would have a few months of “not really trying but not preventing” to get even more comfortable with the idea.  Life had a different plan for us. Within the first month we were pregnant. We were shocked, happy, excited, nervous….you get the picture.  Apparently the “getting pregnant” part isn’t much of a challenge for us and we recognize what a blessing that is. 

Those first 3 months were hell. I hibernated in bed day and night, only getting up to puke. Matthew would try to force any kind of fluids down me but most the time I just wasn’t up for eating or drinking anything.  On top of all this I was a nervous wreck that things would be ok. That it would continue to grow into a perfectly strong and healthy baby.

I remember going to our 8 week ultrasound. We were excited to see our little baby  (or blob I should say) on the screen.  The blob even wiggled for us. After each US my mind would relax a little bit. Reaching 12 weeks and hearing that heart beating gave my mind peace. When 20 weeks rolled around and we heard our baby’s anatomy looked normal…comfort. At each visit I just wanted to hear that heart beat. 

As the due date nears I feel all kinds of emotions. I am doing my best to be as ready as possible. I know this little boy is going to change my life forever and teach me many things. 

Ramblings on my pregnancy...
  • Sick. Sick. Sick. For the first three months, well from weeks 5-14, I was throwing up all day and night. I couldn't even keep fluids down. I lost 4 pounds from all that nausea. 
  • Fatigued beyond belief. Matthew was picking up the slack around the house for a few months.
  • Migraines.
  • Bloated non stop the first trimester. 
  • Hormonal acne is my worst enemy.
  • Biggest craving so far is Mexican food. I want it almost all the time.
  • Meat? Ick! Steak, chicken, anything. Sounds so heavy to me.
  • Cross-fit personal training sessions. Had to cancel a handful of times during the first trimester thanks to morning sickness. Worked out up to baby boy's due date.
  • 22 plane rides with half of those during the morning sickness phase and the other half during the swelling phase. I don't recommend this one bit.
  • A boat ride in the Pacific Ocean while suffering from morning sickness ends in me jumping out of the car and running to the hotel lobby bathroom to throw up. I was just proud I survived the boat ride without incident.
  • Previous sciatic issues have been aggravated. 
  • Regular OB blood draws and urine samples.
  • Monthly OB checks. Hearing the heart beat puts me at ease. 
  • Monthly thyroid blood draws (feeling like a lab rat).
  • Feet and ankles swelling in hot/humid climates. This hit around 28 weeks.
  • A few cases of acid reflux. Third Trimester problems. 
  • Sleeping is interrupted with bathroom breaks, baby kicking, and lack of breathing thanks to how big this baby boy is. I swear there isn't anymore room!

Significant Dates / Weekly Happenings...

3 Weeks (feeling mostly normal, just random pains and cramps)
Jan 2: First positive pregnancy test.
Jan 4: Flew to TX for Cora’s Blessing. Told mom and dad I was pregnant.
Jan 8: OB blood draw. Testing progesterone, hCG, and thyroid

4 weeks (feeling normal, random cramps and pains)
Jan 10: Second OB blood draw
Jan 12: Third OB blood draw

5 weeks  (feeling bloated, exhausted)
Jan 22: technically 6 week US at radiology department

6 weeks (bloated, getting nauseous)

7 weeks (bloated, full blown throwing up)

8 weeks (bloated, full blown throwing up)
Feb 7: 8 week US

9 weeks (bloated, full blown throwing up)
Feb 14-18: Babies first trip to Maui in-utero (only threw up once!)

10 weeks (bloated, nauseated, little throwing up)
Feb 21- OB first trimester blood screening

11 weeks (bloated, nauseated, throwing up is tapering off)
March 1: Mom flew in for the US. Dr. Parman called in sick. US canceled/rescheduled

12 weeks (bloated, feeling more normal, tired, throwing up is tapering off)
March 6: 12 week US and heard the heart beat for the first time (told ryan and marissa I was pregnant)
March 8-10: First trip to LA (told matthew’s family we were having a baby)
March 12: NT US

13 weeks (still bloated, tired, and little nausea)
March 15-17: First trip to Las Vegas in-utero

14 weeks/2nd Trimester (feeling more myself, energy coming back, less bloating)
March 25:  Told extended family (Riggs/Richmond) I was pregnant

15 weeks (no bloating and no nausea or throwing up)
March 31: Social media announcement about baby news

16 weeks (feeling better every day, tummy feeling tight, belly growing)
April 5: Heard heart beat for the second time

17 weeks (feeling a little more myself)
April 13: 3D Ultrasound.  We are having a BOY!
April 15: Flew to Texas. Baby boy’s second trip to Dallas in-utero

18 weeks (feel like my energy is coming back, had a few migraines)
April 17: Announced to the Internet world we are having a BOY.

19 weeks (officially feeling like me again, still can’t eat much in one sitting)

20 weeks (feeling great, belly popped out during the last week)
May 3: The big 20 week anatomy US. Things looked great. Baby boy is measuring ahead of schedule.
May 7: OB appointment. Heard heart beat again. Keeping due date the same for now.

21 weeks (feeling awesome)
May 11: Baby Boy’s second SF Giants game
May 12: Mother’s Day and my Birthday. I turned 29 and grateful for this little boy making me a mom.

22 weeks (doing and feeling great)
May 18: Baby boy and Matthew’s first trip to Muir Woods and the Marin Headlands.

23 weeks (still feeling great, lots of energy)
May 24: Baby Boy’s second trip to Hawaii, first to Kona, in-utero.

24 weeks (physically feeling good, no complaints)
May 30: Said our goodbye’s to our lovely city, San Francisco, and moved to Palo Alto.
June 1: Saw baby boy on the 3d US. Took Papa D and Grandma Sue with us. Heard the heart beat. 

25 weeks (feeling, getting around, sleeping pretty good)
June 7-9: Flew to LA for Grandma Powell’s (baby boy’s great grandma) 90th birthday.

26 weeks (feeling pretty dang good, a little bit of swelling thanks to the Texas heat)
June 12 – 17: Flew to Texas for baby boy’s first baby shower. Family and friends did a wonderful job!

27 weeks (feeling great, still have energy)
June 19: Glucose Test and OB appointment. Not Diabetic! Drinking the sugar drink on an empty stomach was a little hard for me. Less than a minute after drinking it tried to come up a few times.  Hear baby boy’s heart beat. Always music to my ears.
June 25: Flew to LA to visit baby boy’s Grandma (Diane)

28 weeks / 3rd trimester (emotional week for us all – full of sadness)
June 26: Said our last goodbye’s to baby boy’s Grandma (Diane)
June 27: Back in SF for a day for baby boy’s US. Tracking about 3 weeks ahead.
June 28-31: Flew back down to LA for baby boy’s Grandma’s funeral service.

29 weeks (major swelling happening in hot weather climate, makes it difficult to wear high heels)
July 3: Baby boy’s first trip to SLC in-utero. Introduced him to BYU and J-Dawgs!
July 6: Baby boy’s Grandma’s graveside service.

30 weeks (feeling tired, not sleeping as well, baby boy is very active now)
July 11: OB appointment. Talks of possible c/s since baby boy is measuring above 90th percentile. Heard baby boy’s heart beat. Everything sounds great.

31 weeks (sleeping is getting difficult, stomach starting to feel a bit crowded)
July 17: Snoogle pillow arrived and sleeping has improved!
July 20: 3d US. Took Craig, Megan and Dave to see baby boy. Looks like Matthew!

32 weeks (Tired. Tired. Tired. And always HOT)
July 25: OB 32 week appointment. Baby boy still measuring big.

33 weeks (feeling great and relaxed)
August 2-4: Spent the weekend in Half Moon Bay.
August 5: 8 year anniversary
August 6: 34 week OB appointment

34 weeks (feet/ankles are steadily swollen now)
August 8: Endocrinologist appointment. Things look great with my thyroid levels. No more appointments or blood draws until baby boy makes his appearance.
                   Dad also flew into town. We always have fun when he comes to visit.

35 weeks (energy burst, swollen ankles, sciatic problems)
August 14: Mom, Marissa, Zoe, Cora and Grandma flew into town.
                      Newborn Class. We learned how to swaddle, change diapers etc.
August 17: San Francisco Baby Shower at Zazie. Thank you Mariah, KC, and Rachel for an amazing shower
August 20: 36 week OB appointment and US. Baby boy is measuring quite big so we decided on having a C-section. We just want things to be safe for baby.

36 weeks (starting to slow down, sleeping has become non-existent)
August 22: Infant CPR class
August 24: Breastfeeding class. This was by far Matthew’s favorite.
August 27: 37 week OB appointment. Baby boy is high and only fingertip.

37 weeks (feeling big & tired, shaving & putting on shoes has become difficult)
August 31: Labor Day weekend. Spent our last weekend in the city before baby boys arrival. Bay Bridge closure made the city feel like a ghost town

38 weeks (tired, feeling some contractions)
Sept 4: 38 week OB appointment. Belly measuring 42 ½ inches. Baby is still high and fingertip.
Sept 8: Mom arrived for the baby boys debut

39 weeks (feeling anxious, excited, scared…all sorts of emotions)
Sept 11: 39 week OB appointment
Sept 12: car seat fitting
Sept 13: Pre-op appointment. Marissa and Dad flew into town. Went out to do dinner with the family.
Sept 14: C-section. Baby Anderson is born!

12 weeks

13 weeks

14 weeks

15 weeks

16 weeks

17 weeks

18 weeks

19 weeks

20 weeks

21 weeks

22 weeks

23 weeks

24 weeks

25 weeks

26 weeks

27 weeks

28 weeks

29 weeks

30 weeks

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33 weeks

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